Detailed prices on renting SeaHome: 


Lite Trip- 690€

Full Trip- 990€

Luxury Trip- 1390€


05.10-05.05 220 night (sauna included)
05.05-05.06; 05.09-05.10 140€ night
05.06-05.09 170€ night

Prices works if  the house will be moored in the port of city Kotor.

Changes in the location of the house are paid separately (50-250 €)! The price depends on that, how far you want to be from Kotor

Additional costs!

Guests will pay the additional costs of marinas of the Bay ( exception- parking in Port of city Kotor, you don’t need to pay there). Also, on some city moorings of the Bay you need to pay for parking, if you stay there, more than 10 minutes.
Day trip!
High season 05.06-05.09
500€ 8 hours
350€ 4 hours
Low season 05.09-05.06
400€ 8 hours
250€ 4 hours