This is an ideal option to spend an incredible time  to feel all the atmosphere of the Boka Bay!

A little about the details of Luxury Trip:

The price of this package includes light breakfast on board and one night parking in Marina Porto Montenegro!


Arrival on board in  Kotor 12.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Start of a trip 13.00

During the trip you will have opportunity to visit the sights: Prcanj (Church of the Virgin)

Perast and Islands on the rocks!

During the trip you will also have the opportunity to visit the farm of mussels and oysters, or spend time in a cozy local restaurant.

Overnight will be in the luxurious marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat!

This is a great place where you can spend a good time, enjoy the beautiful evening of Tivat and plunge into the atmosphere of luxurious nightlife of Porto Montenegro.

The next morning, around 09.00, you will have an unforgettable breakfast on the roof deck of SeaHome. Then we will go with you in the direction of the unique village of Zhanice. On the way we can visit the Herceg Novi. You will have a wonderful opportunity to take a walk in this old town with an unusual view. And then we will go to the most magical bay, near the village of Zhanice and the restaurant Ribarske Selo. Of course you will have the opportunity to spend a great time on the water. Swimming, sunbathing, diving, jumping into the water, or just sleeping, all you want. This night you will not have the opportunity at any time to go out and take a walk on land, because your ship will be moored to a special parking spot in the middle of a bay. But if you need to go ashore, just take a walk, visit local attractions, or having a dinner at a local restaurant, we will certainly take care and give you this opportunity!

In the morning, around 09.00 your captain will return to you. And he will propose you aromatic coffee with a fresh croissant. You will have time for a full breakfast. Further, depending on the state of the sea, you will have the opportunity to visit the Blue Cave, make a tour around the island Mamula, get as close as possible to inactive bunkers for military submarines on the Lustica peninsula.

By 15.30 we will return to the Port of Kotor  and you will have some more time on board, until 16.00.

If necessary, we will help you arrange a transfer, or rent a car.

Of course, you will have the opportunity to discuss the travel plan with your captain, at night, only you will stay on board.

We will try our best to make your rest on SeaHome unforgettable and the best for you!


PS: you should be treated with understanding and ease if the Captain suggests that you change the travel plan described above to alternative options for stops and night parking. There are some points that can affect this: 1) Weather conditions (wind, rain, waves), 2) A mooring restriction related to any activities in this area these days!


The Bay of Kotor is a unique place and almost never there are any difficulties associated with weather conditions in the summer!


Think beautiful and enjoy your holiday. See you soon!